Tips to Throw a Beer Party for Your Friends

Group-of-Friends-Drinking-at Beer-Party-in-Burien

Are you planning to throw a beer party for your friends? If yes, at-home beer tasting is an absolute no! It can become a bit of pain, and the size of your living space will limit your party fun. Throwing a beer party can be much easier and affordable if you book one of the local bars in Burien. They will provide you with everything you need to plan a sophisticated beer-centered party.

Beer Selections

With an exploding craft beer market worth $19.6 billion, you will quickly find craft beer bars in Burien. But remember, not all bars are created equal. Some local bars in Burien have fewer imported and American craft beers than others.

According to a recent study on the curiosity of beer lovers, “93% of imported beer drinkers say they like to discover new beers, and that figure is 88% for domestic consumers and 84% for craft beer consumers.”

So, before you choose a bar in Burien, make sure to ask about seasonal rotations of craft beers and any local specialty brews.

Food Options

Elevated versions of classic bar foods always attract beer lovers and keep in mind that this kind of food will need to be good to stand out. So, before you choose a bar make sure to taste the food in advance of the event to give a party that your friends will never forget.

Happy Hour Specials

While happy hour is the most wonderful time for patrons, it can also be a golden opportunity for you to save more money. On happy hour promotions, many beer and cocktail bars in Burien offer premium food items in their menu and allow you to spend more cash on drinks.

Choose a venue that has both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks depending on the crown you are inviting to your party. Also, consider other factors including ambiance and capacity when choosing a venue for your party.