Is Crust the Signature Feature of Your Pizza?

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According to a recent poll of about 2,500 pizza lovers, nearly 60% of respondents ranked crust as an essential feature of a Pizza and made it a clear winner over a distant-second sauce at 27% and cheese lagging behind at 13%.

Yes, the quality of the crust can make or break an entire pizza! So, it is essential to understand what crust elements are the most desired in pizzas to improve customer satisfaction.

Here, we’ve listed a few qualities of the ideal crust of your pizza that you should look for in pizza restaurants in Burien.

  • The texture is one of the most critical aspects that are preferred for different types of crusts. For example, the thick crust must be soft and chewy whereas the thin crust must be light and crispy. So, take the texture of your pizza crust into account when you order your pizza to relish.
  • The next important thing to consider is the flavor of the crust. Some people prefer plain crust whereas others would like to add garlic, oregano or other seasonings to the pizza crust. Sometimes, even the oven used to make pizzas can influence the flavor of the crust. Crusts made using brick oven tastes better and gives a more distinct flavor than any other commercial oven can replicate.
  • When ordering pizza, customers will have certain expectations about the thickness of the crust. So, check for a noticeably thinner crust for the thin crust pizzas or a thick-and-chewy crust for deep dish pizzas.
  • The pizza crust must be firm enough to hold its shape when topped. How well the crust supports the pizza toppings is another indicator for the crust quality.

So, while making your next order for pizza in Burien, make sure that the restaurant you are choosing creates the best, customer-pleasing foundations for your pizza. Our crust won’t let you down!