Benefits of Eating Pizza

According to a report from USDA, every day 40 million people across the country eat pizza. Pizza is an excellent source of many essential nutrients, but the healthiest take-out option is a thin crust with less cheese and extra veggies topping. Pizza is not exactly a junk food, but it depends on how you eat it.

If you think the delicacy is just the crust, sauce, and cheese that you order from pizza restaurants in Burien; then you have to look below for some random facts about pizza that you should know.

Gives Your Brain a Boost

Pizza is a powerful brain booster when you have it in moderation. The phytonutrients in oregano give pizza taste and help you in thinking clearly. Using spinach as a topping is high in foliate which also promote fast blood circulation to the brain.

Rich Nutritious Ingredients

Taking vegetables every day is a right way of loading yourself with nutrients. Ordering Pizza loaded with vegetables is a delicious way to make you healthier. Add veggies of your choice for toppings; try to eat a mixture of different vegetables for greatest health benefits. Pizza in Burien is prepared with high nutrition enriched stuff.

Boost Your Immunity

The sauce used is fully loaded with vitamin C, which helps you to boost your immunity. A primary component of oregano, help in keeping a healthy liver and also balances the blood sugar. Similarly, each vegetable you use has specific nutritional value and helps in enhancing the immunity of your body.

Calcium and Protein Intake

Pizza is an excellent way to increase your calcium intake. Calcium helps in keeping your bones strong and helps blood vessels, nerves and muscles function properly. The cheese and tomato sauce you use in pizza contain calcium.

One slice of cheese pizza has 219 milligrams of calcium. You also get the right amount of protein which is essential for building muscles and tissues in your body. Choosing pizza with meat and seafood are healthier and high in protein.

Whole Grains

The whole wheat flour in the dough is a source of iron and magnesium. One slice of plain dough provides 12% of the recommended daily intake of magnesium and 16% of the needed daily intake of iron for men and 7% for women.

The whole wheat pizza is an excellent source of insoluble fiber which helps food moving through the digestive tract and relieves constipation. It also minimize the risk of developing diverticular diseases.

There are many pizza restaurants in Burien, where you can enjoy a delicious pizza with your family and friends.