4 Qualities to Look for in Local Bars in Burien

Local Bars

Our favorite TV shows, from How I Met Your Mother to Cheers, all revolve around cool local hangouts. You can never miss on your favorite characters going to the local bars to unwind, to meet new people, or connect with friends. But, do you have a local spot that you can call your own to catch up with your friends after a hectic day or offer a drink to your colleague?

Here we’ve listed a few tips that help you find your own local bars in Burien.

A Warm and More Presentable Atmosphere

The first sign of a great local bar in Burien is that it must be more presentable and welcoming. The lighting in the bar, the seating arrangement, and everything in it should make you feel at home. Since you are looking for a place where you could hang out, meet new friends or invite your colleagues, the ambiance of the bar play a vital role.

A Suitable Bar Menu

When looking for a bar in Burien, make sure that they carry a wide selection of wine, beer, or liquor of your choice. The one you choose must not be a wine/beer only bar. Also, find out whether the bar you are choosing offers a happy hour menu so that you and your friends could save more money on the regular.

Yummy Food Options

It is a mere fact that you are visiting cocktail bars in Burien for drinks, but that doesn’t mean that you should compromise on your food options. So, look for local bars that offer a tasty menu which includes pizza, pasta, and more.


When looking for a local bar, ensure that it is at a convenient location that is close enough to your home. This doesn’t mean that it must be located within walking distance of your home, but it shouldn’t have to drive too far out of your way to have a drink or two.

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